About the author

Chuck Spinner was born (1946) and raised in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb 28 miles west of Chicago.  At the time of his birth, Naperville was a farm town of around 5,000 residents.  It is currently (2023) the fourth largest city in Illinois with a population of nearly 150,000!

Spinner graduated from Conception Seminary College in 1968, but left his seminary studies at that point and began a 33-year teaching career in the Cleveland, Ohio area (Parma and Shaker Heights).  He completed his Master’s degree in 1973 from West Virginia University.

In 1970 Chuck married Patrice Supik (On August 1st, 2023, the couple celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary).   Their son Scott was born in 1973. Twenty-four years later Scott would marry Elle Pasturzak and grace Chuck and Patrice with two grandsons, Caleb and Joshua.

In January of 2008, Spinner would publish A Book of Prayers: To the Heavens from the Stars.  The book was the result of five years of effort compiling the favorite prayers from 118 celebrities.  The book was recommended nationally by the Catholic Digest (2008), Sharing the Victory (2008), and Momentum (2009) magazines.  The author gave many talks and book signings, the most enjoyable being the two at Notre Dame University’s Hammes Bookstore before the Purdue (2008) and Navy (2009) football games.

Chuck’s second book, The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing, deals with the tragic April 25th, 1946 train wreck that occurred just a block from his family’s house in Naperville, Illinois.  The collision was responsible for the deaths of 45 people and was the worst disaster in the history of the Burlington Railroad.  The book was published in 2012 and, because of the interest generated by its publication, an awesome Paul Kuhn sculpture was dedicated at the crash site in 2014.

In the fall of 2023 Chuck released his third book, Look What Sports Did To This Little Kid!  A Baby Boomer’s Journey Through the Golden Age of Sports.  The book is an autobiography centered on how sports have influenced Spinner’s life.  The book will be of special interest to the author’s fellow baby boomer generation.  In addition, the book also details historical events of the era in a more readable, enjoyable style.  Chuck is pleased with the cover created by his nephew, J.D. Spinner and believes that readers will enjoy scanning the unique QR codes on the front and back covers to hear commentaries about the book.


Chuck would like to acknowledge the patience and support his wife Patrice has shown that has allowed him to write his three books.  He hopes that he and Patrice have a good number of additional adventuresome chapters ahead of them in their book of life.