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A Book of Prayers: To the Heavens from the Stars

Most Americans feel that our country, at this time in history more than ever, needs to rely on the power of prayer. 

Author Chuck Spinner has very successfully compiled a book of favorite prayers from 118 well-known celebrities.  Included among these famous people are Oscar winners; Heisman Trophy recipients; Olympic Gold Medalists; Four-star Generals; a Nobel Peace Prize recipient; and even a Monarch and three former Miss Americas. 

Prayers have come from the only pitcher to ever record a perfect World Series game; from the player who hit “the shot heard round the world”, from the only two-time Heisman trophy winner; and from the only undefeated four-time NCAA wrestling champion.  Former Cleveland Browns All-Pro lineman, Doug Dieken, wrote the Foreword and Spinner wrote a chapter on the qualities and power of prayer along with providing engaging introductions for each of the celebrities.

To the Heavens from the Stars concludes with quotes from famous historical figures on the significance and power of prayer.  The book highlights both religion and history and illustrates that athletes, entertainers, and governmental officials can and do provide models for prayer in one’s life. 

Former Detroit Tiger pitcher Virgil “Fire” Trucks wrote Spinner that he thought the author’s book of prayers is one of the greatest books written.  The author is more comforted by the words of former U.S. Open winner, Scott Simpson, who wrote him that he hoped that “God honors you for honoring him.” Readers find that they can open the book to any section to find an interesting story and an inspiring prayer.

The book can be easily ordered on Amazon, from your local bookstore, or simply by clicking of the AuthorHouse link below:

Listen to Chuck’s February, 2010 Parma Hospital Prayer Breakfast presentation. (The talk was filmed by Ann Brown)

Part 1 – Chuck Spinner “A Book of Prayers” Talk

Part 2 – https://youtu.be/GjOgqZhAT-M

Part 3 –  https://youtu.be/DrH8-RpqM60

Part 4 –  Chuck Spinner “A Book of Prayers” Talk

The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing

2026 will mark the 80th year since the 1946 disastrous Naperville, Illinois train wreck. Railroaders and history buffs are finding The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing to be an intriguing piece of historical research.

After five years of intense research, Author Chuck Spinner in 2012 published the definitive story of the Naperville Train Wreck of April 25, 1946. The wreck was the worst disaster in the history of the Burlington Railroad. Spinner uncovered the histories of all of the 45 victims of the tragedy, interviewed two surviving eyewitnesses of the event, and talked with survivors and rescuers who had been at the scene.

Chuck’s family lived just a block from the crossing where the accident occurred. Spinner was born at St. Charles Hospital in Aurora, Illinois on October 22, 1946. At the time of his birth there were still three patients from the train wreck recuperating from their injuries in that same hospital: twenty-year-old service men, Thomas Chaney and Dexter Sexton, and seventy-two-year-old Anna Hovey. Perhaps, during their recovery, one of these patients may have viewed John and Louise Spinner’s infant son in the nursery. If so, they could have never imagined that they were viewing the person, who 66 years later would write the story that they had just lived!

“It came fast. I watched it horrified. The train came on bigger and bigger. I saw a man climbing down from the engine cab, and start down the ladder. That’s all I saw. I turned and ran yelling warnings toward the front of my coach. The next second it hit.” – Raymond “Jake” Jaeger

“When the crash came, I was thrown to the top of the car, turned a somersault and came down. A pile of people fell on me. I kicked out a window and climbed out. I think a woman behind me was killed.” – Sol Greenbaum

“I didn’t think I’d make it through the war. I went through all that in the Pacific only to come home and have this happen. We were in the rear car and our seats faced forward. I got up to put my coat in the (overhead) rack and looked back to see the other train coming.” – Henry Faber

“It was worse than anything I ever saw in war!” – George Whitney

“That was some wreck. I wonder how many people who live in Naperville now even know the wreck happened.” – Rosie Hodel

Click to view Naperville’s Channel 17 TV station’s coverage of the Naperville Train Sculpture Dedication:

Look What Sports Did to This Little Kid: A Baby Boomer’s Journey Through the Golden Age of Sports

Baby boomers (those people born between 1946-1964) are starting to reach three quarters of a century in age.

It is only natural that baby boomers realize that they have reached, or are quickly approaching the average life expectancy and cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by. These people tend to be more reflective on the life events they have experienced.

My new book sets out to present the history of the baby boomer period through an autobiography (I was born in 1946) that shows how my life has been influenced by sports.

Baby boomers came into their youth the same time as television was coming into the average households. The youth of this generation, therefore, were the first to see sports events immediately on TV rather than read about them in newspapers, magazines, and books.

I feel that such a book will appeal to large numbers of the baby boom generation who can see their own life experiences mirrored in my presentation. Many of my readers may have started playing sports at a young age. Many of them either continued to participate in sports themselves or developed sports heroes and/or loyalties to certain college or professional sports teams.

In addition, although my book is an autobiography, it is also a history book that details historical events of the baby boom era in a more readable, enjoyable style.

Because of the divisive nature of modern politics, people have a tendency to reflect on the simpler past of their younger years. My book presents a nostalgic look at the past that would be comforting to so many people today.

What follows are just a sample of the “teasers” that would generate interest in picking up a copy of Look What Sports Did To This Little Kid!:

How the author’s uncle paid his way through college by becoming a professional wrestler
Meeting a boyhood sports idol 40 years later!
Running with the Vaulting Vicar Bob Richards: Decision – run 7 miles or take the bus?
Caleb and Joshua and their papa in the pace car!
The most comfortable pole vault landing pit ever!
Meeting the only MLB ambidextrous pitcher
The Lions before Detroit!
Who was the pitcher to serve up Ted Williams’ longest homer in Cleveland Stadium?
The first t-ball team to play on artificial turf!
Larry Bird ruins sports broadcast
Author plays international basketball game in Senegal
Author’s wife meets Michael Jordan….almost!
How did American sports respond to the Kennedy assassination?
What is it like to play against a prison basketball team?
Did the author really beat future Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas in a game of “horse”?
Using sports as a teaching tool
Did the creators of baseball’s most famous song really never witness a game before they composed the song?
The Detective Wrestling Dentist
Toughest choice for Chicagoans: Cubs or White Sox?
Golfing on the Moon?
Vietnam and a remembered fallen teammate
What US sports team was featured on the first Telstar broadcast?
Patrice meets Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin.


Hope you enjoy the book!  If so, I’d appreciate it if you’d pass on your positive reviews to others (and to me!)  Looking forward to meeting many of you at upcoming book signings!

Wishing you good health and happiness.  God Bless!